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A dynamic company

High demands and high quality

Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik A/S is a progressive company that places high demands on quality in all processes, because quality is the condition for our success.

First and foremost, we have a deeply ingrained and unwavering attitude to quality, which is upheld by master, journeyman, apprentice, and administrative personnel.

Products shipped out of the factory must meet the desired quality requirements. We operate with peer inspection, and measurement reports are made as well as final sampling after production is completed.

We are a well-structured company and formally operate according to our own quality manual based on ISO 9001.


Mc Uldall ApS was established in 1993, and in 2005 Mc Uldall was acquired by Niels K. Nielsen and got a small name change to Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik A/S. Niels has from his years in the industry gained a lot of experience in manufacturing and machining of special workpieces as well as construction of specialist machines.

Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik A/S is an order-producing company within machining of stainless steel, plastic, and aluminium. The majority of our production is for the food industry, which is subject to ever-increasing demands for quality and dimensional tolerances.

We are a modern company characterised by our ability to give birth to new ideas, which at the same time form the foundation for our growth.

Happy employees
Happy customers


We have a reputation for delivering our workpieces with a high level of finish. Our current major customers monitor the quality of all our deliveries, and we are categorised by them as one of the best suppliers in this field as well.

The company’s machinery, as well as our highly motivated staff of 30 people, is continuously upgraded for versatile production, where adaptability and great flexibility are the foundation of a well-functioning and efficient company.

We are always stocked with a wide range of stainless steel, plastic, aluminium, and various types of steel.

Quality control
& shipping


At Mc Uldall, we start with quality control when the materials enter the premises before the material goes into production. During production, there is a lateral control. A workpiece often passes the quality control 3-4 times before it is delivered to the customer.

We work according to ISO9001 standards and are food certified.

We have certificates for most of our materials; remember to state when ordering if a material certificate is required. Mc Uldall provides the necessary packing and labelling of the workpieces so that it is easy to access when the shipment is received by the customer.

Mc Uldall is happy to help with freight, and in the local area we deliver with our own car. Otherwise, we coordinate with the carrier to ensure the fastest transport after quality control.

Rating &


The rating characterises a company’s creditworthiness. The confidence of our credit rating system helps you say yes to business and no to losses. The credit rating is based on information from, among others, the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and the CVR register. The rating is calculated based on more than 2,400 decision rules.
AAA – Highest creditworthiness
To obtain an AAA (Triple-A) rating, a company must have a very good ability to meet current payment obligations.

AA – Good creditworthiness
To achieve an AA (Double-A), a company must have a good ability to meet current payment obligations. AA is the highest rating a sole proprietorship can receive.

A – Creditworthy
To achieve an A (Single-A), a business must have sufficient ability to meet current payment obligations.

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