CMM measuring

CMM measuring machine

MC Uldall Maskinfabrik’s measuring room is climate-controlled so that there is always the same temperature and humidity, this ensures that the material in the components does not expand or contract.

With CMM in house, we ensure items of the highest quality and the shortest delivery time.

With our 3D measuring machine, we can measure critical items, which provides the customer with documentation that the specified tolerances are met. Measuring software can measure objects up to 1000x2000x800 mm with great flexibility and can handle very small items and up to 1200 kg in item weight.

Measurement reports and control plans – prepared in collaboration with our customers and carried out to the extent desired, data recorded in measurement reports. During production, the employee can carry out process control and in the event of any processing errors, the employees can intervene and make the relevant adjustments.

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What is CMM?

CMM stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine and is an advanced machine used to measure geometric properties of objects and components with high precision.

A CMM measures objects by moving a probe over the surface of the object and records the coordinates where the probe touches the object. The measurement data is then processed by a computer that generates a three-dimensional model of the object. These measurements can be used to assess the quality of the object, perform quality control, create CAD models, and perform reverse engineering.

CMM measurements can be performed on many different types of materials and components, including metal, plastic and ceramic. It is a very accurate and reliable method for measuring dimensions, angles, flatness, roundness, concentricity and other geometric properties.

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