In Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik’s construction department, drawings are made in 3D Inventor, and in close co-operation with our CAD/CAM department, STEP files are exchanged, which are used in production. The construction department has two purposes:

1. The construction department has a close dialogue with the customer. During the whole phase from development to finished product, the customer can receive pictures and drawings of the construction. All exchange of documents between Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik and the customer is of course completely confidential. During the construction phase, there is also close dialogue with our internal departments such as machining, smithing, surface treatment, and assembly, so that the final construction is optimised for subsequent production. When the construction is finished and approved for production, workpieces are manufactured at Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik, after which the finished construction is manufactured, assembled, quality controlled, and tested.

2. The construction department has a close dialogue with production about fixtures and auxiliary tools for production, which are developed and produced so that production can take place as efficiently as possible.

We can offer:

  • Skilled, independent, professionally trained employees
  • Production and development of prototype parts
  • Thoughtful, quality-conscious employees
  • Inventor 3D
  • Latest and fully updated software
  • Possibility of reading all file types such as step., dwg., dxf. etc.


Construction task

Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik was commissioned to produce a fixture for welding 15 different insert elements. The task was upgraded along the way to 147 different insert elements. The requirement for the fixture was that the fixture had to be able to switch automatically from one model to another, both in terms of length (1500mm to 8500mm), width (750mm to 1500mm), and height (35mm to 195mm). The automatic changeover was to be carried out via an ABB welding robot.

Departments concerned in the company:


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