Multitasking machines are a combined turning/milling machine that can finish parts in operation quickly and efficiently.

In our advanced multi-machining department, we can produce everything from simple to even the most complex parts in both single piece and serial production.


We prioritise quality and innovation, which is also reflected in our CNC turning capacity. We work with extremely flexible dimensions and pieces, and our machines are among the very best in the industry.

You are therefore always in safe hands when you team up with Mc Uldall.

Automatic turning

We always endeavour to deliver our services on time, and this requires the right equipment. We therefore have several of the best automated CNC lathes in the industry.

We process brass, a range of steel types, aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, and various acid-resistant workpieces.


In our CNC machining centres, our operators are equipped with one of the most advanced CAD/CAM systems on the market.

Together with our high-quality machines, they can help you with everything from idea to finished product – on time and at favourable prices.


CMM stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine and is an advanced machine used to measure geometric properties of objects and components with high precision.

CMM measurements can be performed on many different types of materials and components, including metal, plastic and ceramic. It is a very accurate and reliable method for measuring dimensions, angles, flatness, roundness, concentricity and other geometric properties.


We perform honing of pipes and cylinder tubes using a honing machine of the Horizontal honing type.

We can achieve a surface roughness down to Ra 0.04. in lengths of 4500mm and up to 600mm in diameter.

Mc Uldall has honing capacity from Ø30-Ø600mm and lengths up to 4500mm.

We use our hones for honing of scraped surface heat exchangers and cylinders, but there is also room to help you with your honing task.

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