CNC Honing

Internal grinding of tubes and cylinders with a horizontal honing machine using Siemens controls. Can achieve a surface roughness down to Ra 0.01

Mc Uldall has honing capacity from Ø30mm to Ø600mm and length up to 4100mm.

We use our honing tools for grinding of scraped surface heat exchangers and cylinders, but there is also room to help you with your honing task.

  • Workpiece diameter from Ø30mm to Ø600mm
  • Workpiece length up to 4100mm
  • Surface roughness down to Ra 0.01
  • Specialists in small series, from 1 piece and upwards
  • Skilled, independent, professionally trained employees
  • Manufacture and development of prototype parts
  • Fast and efficient programming system at the machine
  • Thoughtful and far-sighted employees
  • Quick changeover from task to task


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Parts made on our CNC HONER

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