CNC Automatic turning

CNC Automatic turning

At Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik, we are known for delivering workpieces with a high level of finish. We have fully automated CNC lathes that are extremely suitable for serial production. These lathes produce pieces from Ø1mm to Ø65mm, the machines allow for complete part production on a single machine. This means that we are able to supply both large and small batch sizes.

We process brass, a range of steel types, aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, and acid-resistant materials.

  • Workpiece size up to Ø65mm x 700mm
  • Y-axis turning, enabling completion of workpieces in one operation
  • Turning of workpieces according to task and agreement
  • Possibility of reading all file types such as step, dwg, dxf, etc.
  • Skilled, independent, professionally trained employees
  • Fast and efficient programming system at the machine
  • Quick changeover from task to task


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Workpieces produced on our CNC automatic lathe

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