Machine factory with the courage and desire to push boundaries

Under the slogan ‘What others cannot do – we can’, MC Uldall Maskinfabrik A/S continuously seeks to push the prescribed guidelines for possibilities. A creative and solution-orientated company profile that creates a breeding ground for innovation – both internally in the machine factory and in collaboration with customers

MC Uldall Maskinfabrik was bought in 2005 by Niels K. Nielsen and has since grown steadily from 6 to 40 employees.
– We grow by approx. 15 % per year and this applies to employees, as well as to both regular and new customers. This means that both the regular customer relationships that go back years and the new ones are in development according to market developments and customer needs. You could call it development co-operation, where our own engineers explore the possibilities of what can be done. We are good at thinking outside the box, pushing the prescribed principles of what is technically said to be possible. It is something we have the courage and desire to do, and it often works. One example is our unique titanium parts. We have made the largest ever in Denmark, says Niels K. Nielsen, owner of MC Uldall Maskinfabrik.

Specialised and serial production
The machine factory operates on two main tracks – specialised production and serial production.
– The first thing we did when I joined in 2005 was to buy two new machines, and that has been the case ever since – in other words, the machines we do not have today, we will have tomorrow. We do this to be able to run our business based on our core motivation, which is to have an innovative role in the market. We do not only produce complex workpieces. We also do serial production and are fully competitive with foreign suppliers due to high quality, short delivery time, and price. We have far fewer man-hours than in China, for example, explains Niels K. Nielsen and continues:

– “High quality, delivery time, and competitive prices are – and have always been – crucial for us. When we enter into collaborations, we comply with production requirements, delivery time, and the quality people expect. This applies to all our customers, from the very local to the large international partnerships we operate with. It is an important thing, Niels K. Nielsen concludes.

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