We are looking for Stainless steel metalworker

We are looking for Stainless steel metalworker

MC Uldall A/S was established in 1993 and in 2005 MC Uldall was acquired by Niels K. Nielsen and got a small name change to MC Uldall Maskinfabrik A/S. Niels has from his many years in the industry gained a lot of experience in manufacturing and machining of special workpieces as well as building special machines. In the summer of 2011 the factory moved to new premises at Niels Bohrs Vej 41 in Stilling near Skanderborg, the building which is 2800m2 and in 2020 an additional 2000 m2 was built. Mc Uldall Maskinfabrik’s production facilities are used for CNC machining, smithy workshop, and assembly  

MC Uldall stands for

  • Complete and versatile machinery
  • Flexible and competent employees
  • Quality and quality behaviour

We are looking for

  • Metalworker with experience in stainless steel welding

We can offer

  • Exciting and versatile workday
  • Latest technology in machining
  • A company in constant development
  • Good colleagues
  • Good salary
  • Flex time
  • Nice and friendly working atmosphere
  • If you are interested in working on a second shift, this is also an option

As a person

  • You are independent and passionate about creating and developing
  • You have good communication skills
  • You have an overview
  • You are structured and good at organising
  • You are flexible and proactive

Your background

  • Experience with welding of stainless steel for the food industry
  • You have professional integrity and take pride in doing a proper job
  • You have a sense of order and an eye for detail


  Casper L Rosvall Production Manager Tel.: +45 8657 2011 Mobile: +45 2344 7667 Mail: casper@mculdall.dk