Machine factory has expanded its boundaries

The East Jutland subcontractor Mc Uldall has expanded the factory with extra square metres and new machines
Owner Niels K. Nielsen (left) and production manager Casper L. Rosvall. Photo/Henrik Eilers.

Something has been brewing at the East Jutland subcontractor Mc Uldall for some time. An extension has been quietly taking shape.

Now the employees are in the process of moving into the 1,900 new square metres, which increases the company’s total premises by about 50%.

– This is due to a lack of space and in order to keep growing. We have grown by 10-15 per cent a year for the last many years, and we hope to continue to do so, explains owner Niels K. Nielsen.

– We are growing with both new and existing customers. We supply the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, science, and the offshore industry, among others. These are people who place great demands on flexibility and quality – and where we make some things that are on the edge of what is possible, he continues.

Completed by summer
The craftsmen are not quite finished with the new production hall.

In addition to the many new square metres, which will mainly be used for storage and cutting, the company is also building a new canteen and new offices.

If everything goes according to plan, the builders will be finished in a couple of months.

Niels K. Nielsen took over Mc Uldall in 2005 and decided in 2010 to build a new factory in Stilling, just outside Skanderborg. The employees relocated here in 2011. Today, the company has just over 40 employees.

Active investment strategy
While the cutting department is now moving into the new hall, there will be room to move the remaining machinery, which is now fairly densely packed.

And there should also be room for new machines. Over the years, Mc Uldall has had a very active investment strategy, and this year the machine park has also been expanded.

This time it is a 4-axis milling machine from Quaser, with the working space Y800, X2100, and Z900. It was installed in January.

– ” We have invested in about two machines a year in the years I have been running the company. And these are multi-machines. When multi-machines first came out, we invested in one of the first in the country, so we have a lot of experience in multitasking machines today. Today we have nine 5-axis machines, says Niels K. Nielsen, and continues:
– If there is a need for it, we will of course continue to invest – but there must be a need for it. And we are already looking at something. We are looking at a somewhat larger lathe in the advanced end. I have a big enquiry for that type of machine. So if the tasks are there, we are also ready to invest.

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